Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

I have problems with Halloween.  When my kids were little I didn’t like all the scary looking people roaming the streets and coming to my door begging for treats while frightening my children.  I don’t like the dark feeling of it all.  I struggle with how to respond to all the hoopla from a Christian point of view.

I do like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  I also like cute little kids coming to my door dressed like puppies or princesses or superheros.  And I especially like having a good excuse to have chocolate around the house – it’s for the children.

I thought I would reminisce with you a little so you can see the anguish Halloween creates for me.  One year when I was a kid I actually got a rock in my trick or treat bag.  I figure some wise guy wanted to make a Charlie Brown joke.  We got home and my siblings and I went through our loot.  It went like this – “I got a cookie.”  “I got M&Ms.”  “I got a candy apple.”  “I got a rock.”  Very sad, but it helped make me who I am today – a slightly twisted, sarcastic person.  Now as I think back about it, as a Christian I wonder if maybe it was some weird symbolism about Jesus being the Rock or something.  I also wonder how stupid the person was who gave me the rock.  It’s like an invitation to get a rock thrown through your window.  I thought that it was the kids who offered the trick or treat threat and not the candy givers who tricked the kids.

As I mentioned earlier, I especially have a problem with little kids getting scared.  I am embarrassed to admit that one year we turned our sprinklers on just to try to avoid that happening.  An alert neighbor ruined it for us by calling to tell us the sprinklers were going.  “Oh, I’ll have to look into that.  Thanks for being so helpful,” I told her through clenched teeth.

One year my father, who is a magician, came to our house and we did a neighborhood outreach.  We had dozens of costumed kids in our living room hearing about Jesus and getting candy.  That was a great night.

My dad performing magic back in 1996

Wall to Wall Kids

Our low point was when our kids were older and Bob and I were out for the evening.  We left a bowl of candy for our teenage son to give out.  The problem was we didn’t leave enough candy.  He told us he handled it.  He went in our pantry and rummaged for something to give out.  One poor kid got a can of evaporated milk.  I’d like to read his Halloween memories.


  1. Bonnie, sadly halloween has slowly infiltrated UK prob from US…. so now we have unknown young kids knocking our doors when they should be in bed and bizarrely with no responsible adult in sight….do their parents imaging that perverts suspend activities for halloween?

    I have accidentally hit on a solution… the door bell does not work…. and at the minute I ain’t for fixing it

    and when if I do yield to the knock at the door they say trick or treat, I always always always opt for Trick followed by a diabolical Muahahahaha preferably holding a lit torch under my chin for greatest effect

    when I was a kid we did not go round trick or treating…. like I say it is an import…
    another solution I tried one year was to keep a fully loaded water cannon at the front door…

    of course if one wishes to really make an issue with the parents should they attend , I like to go into the escatalogical significance of All Hallows Evening, which really puts the willies up them…


    • I love the water cannon idea. I expect when you say torch you mean flashlight, but I really like the torch idea. That should scare them off!

  2. A lit torch under the chin does sound a little over the top, not to mention painful! I loved the picture of our father “working his magic” on the kids. That brings back more happy memories for me than any trick or treating episodes. By the way, are you sure one of our other siblings didn’t slip you the rock?

    • (Smiling while thinking about you) Are you confessing to the rock?

  3. I imagine you have wonderful memories from those pictures of Dad entertaining all those children and telling them about Jesus.
    – love

    • Yes, I do. He still tells everyone about Jesus, and I wish he could still do his magic, too.

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